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Entrepreneurial Tactics
Presented by Gavin Ritz

How to Effectively Grow your Business

A Unique Innovative Approach to Entrepreneurship

How to become a number one entrepreneur and player in your field

Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Training
Growth is like a logarithmic spiral


This 2-day workshop is for those who truly need and desire to think outside the square. It will frustrate, challenge and excite those open to incredible ideas and will also encourage self-reflective behaviour. True innovation comes from connecting unrelated ideas and concepts and creating novel outcomes for the betterment of society.

There is a reason why: Change and Transformation, Activity-Based Costing, The Balanced Score Card (BSC), Core Competencies, Downsizing-Rightsizing, Benchmarking, Total Quality Management (TQM), ISO, Learning Organisations, Environmental Scanning, Self-Directed Work Teams, Systems Dynamics, Customer Focus, Customer Driven, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Continuous Improvement, Process Re-engineering, Value Chain Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Economic Value added (EVA), SWOT Analysis, Mission and missioning, Baldridge Criteria...

And a whole host of others not named,

...will not always deliver the promises of growth and innovation, because it is the interaction of these methods that is the key to growth. Businesses are complex growing organisms, and owners, entrepreneurs and managers need an effective model to make sense of this complexity, within and outside the firm's boundaries.

Using the above methods only are not sufficient for growth and innovation. One needs to understand the "Essential Growth Factors" (EGF) and the "Laws of Growth" of business. This is the reason why owners' and managers' decisions are sometimes fatal to the growth of their businesses. Those in business who do not understand these "Essential Growth Factors" and the "Laws of Growth", and how they influence each other, are inadvertently drawn to panaceas, hoping that it will create peace of mind and profits - but it invariably does neither.

The road is littered with the remains of dead corporations and private companies. Almost all the "shining lights" of the Fortune 500 companies' of 40 years ago are not even in business anymore. That is a staggering statistic. This littered road includes failed, fraudulent companies seeking the easy road to riches and profits, but in turn only harm society.

Already many of New Zealand's corporations are shaking apart and many smaller businesses are under extreme stress. This is due to many factors, but chiefly due to not understanding the "Essential Growth Factors" and the "Laws of Growth", and hence their ability to innovate and grow is stunted.

This seminar uncovers much of the nonsense sold to managers, owners and entrepreneurs over many years. It also cuts deeply into the cherished concepts of marketing, objective-setting business strategy, human resources, finance, and many of the recognised roles and disciplines.

However, a good knowledge of the basics of marketing, finance, HR, production, sales and IT is required to fully integrate Entrepreneurial Tactics ideas.

Who will benefit?

This seminar is aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, those that desire to go into business and those who want to set effective strategic direction for their businesses. These tactics involve and immerse everyone into a creative learning path that fosters growth and profitability.

It will particularly interest those who think about their businesses and want to know more about how people and organisations inter-link and also want to innovate.

Expected Learning

  • Clarify the human interactive side to business
  • Understanding the "Laws of Growth" and the "Essential Growth Factors"
  • Give a springboard to understanding and applying Entrepreneurial Tactics
  • Clarify some of the nagging doubts that are often in the back of a business person's mind
  • Build a solid foundation in which the mind can grasp some of the many difficult, complex associative problems of business
  • Have a usable model for any business and an effective springboard to build worthwhile innovative tactics
  • Give meaning and understanding to societal material and mental motives that ultimately cause the formation of all organisations
  • Define how tactics should be done: not on and to the environment, but through and interactive with the environment (understand the powerful currents of demand)
  • Will forever change one's perspective of business


  • What actually are "The Essential Growth Factors" (EGF)?
  • A step-by-step, nine-phase method to apply Entrepreneurial tactics
  • Creating a framework for using Entrepreneurial tactics
  • Understanding the force, flow and invariance's of the "Laws of Growth" (to create new ideas and products)
  • Applying this to your own business
  • Gaining insight into the "whole" organisation
  • Understanding the "Laws of Growth and Prosperity"


Not available as a public workshop


Facilitation Fee for both days: $4950-00 + GST (for up to 12 delegates)
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