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Step One Survey II

Employee theft and fraud put thousands of companies out of business every year. The average cost of employee theft and fraud is over $2,000 a year, according to experts who have studied the problem. Thus, there is a need for a tool that helps employers hire more trustworthy people with integrity and responsibility who are drug-free and hardworking. That tool is Profiles’ Step One Survey II™.

The Step One Survey II is a structured interview that gathers essential information about a job candidate’s history of risky workplace behavior, use of drugs and alcohol, misuse of company resources, email and Internet abuse, trust with the company’s proprietary information and confidential data, and other factors an employer ought to know before making a job offer. The survey also examines attitudes regarding integrity, personal responsibility, drug use, and work ethic. Results are presented in a straightforward, unambiguous report that also suggests probing interview questions to help identify the best candidates.

A lack of employee integrity can be the root cause of many problems a company faces. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says employee theft contributes to a third of business failures. Put another way, thousands of employers have their businesses stolen by the people they thought were working for them.

The innovative approach of Step One Survey II is different from integrity instruments designed as paper and pencil lie detectors. Step One Survey II asks direct admission questions to explore an applicant's work history, drug and alcohol use, criminal convictions, employee theft, computer abuse, and handling of confidential data. A set of inferential questions measures the integrity issue attitudes of job candidates. Results take the form of a concise report that flags responses that could be of concern. The report suggests interview questions for learning more about a candidate’s behaviors and attitudes. This is information an employer needs before making a job offer.

Step One Survey II belongs in every company’s standard hiring process for every position. It can make the difference between a thriving, profitable business and one that continually teeters on the brink of failure. The Step One Survey II is good, cost-effective business protection.

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