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William Gresse

William Gresse (Founder and CEO) has 21 years experience as a training and development specialist, including 10 years as Human Resources Development Manager for a large corporation employing over 2000 staff members.

During his long and varied career as a training specialist and manager, he has researched, developed and presented/facilitated numerous training programmes and interventions, priding himself as an innovator who continually challenges the status quo in search for new and improved ways of doing things.

He obtained his BA Honours Degree in Training Management in 1987, cum laude.

William founded Integrated Training Systems in 1989, training and consulting for clients first on a part-time basis, then full-time since 1997.

During 2002, Integrated Training Systems was re-christened Performance Associates Ltd, a name better aligned with his main passion: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT.


Gavin Ritz

Gavin Ritz (Associate), B Eng., Honours B&A, MBA, initially trained as a professional engineer. He has a wide variety of business experience and has run a number of companies overseas and in New Zealand. Presently he is one of the founders and board member of the first semiconductor manufacturing businesses in New Zealand. He is presently involved in venture capital, strategic and human resources consulting.

Gavin has spent some years in managing businesses, human resources, professional engineering and business consulting. He has also lectured and tutored to a wide variety of people and groups. He has helped those who want to start businesses as well as entrenched businesses that need strategic vision. His experience is with small, medium and large organisations. His personal interest is people and entrepreneurship and how to grow businesses. Gavin is a consultant to small and large businesses both at management and board level.

On his MBA programme Gavin received one of the highest marks awarded for Entrepreneurship.

Gavin has taught at graduate, diploma, and general business course levels for 15 years

William Gresse
Gavin Ritz
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