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Constructive Performance Appraisals
Presented by William Gresse

A highly intensive and practical 1-day workshop that will provide line managers with the skills and confidence to conduct those normally "dreaded" Appraisal Interviews, with positive results in terms of organisational goal achievement, as well as employee morale and competence enhancement.
Client Comments

"The Constructive Performance Appraisals Workshop is 'ka mau te wehi' - awesome."
Katrina Wahanui - Clinical Services Manager: Raukura Hauora O Tainui


The Constructive Performance Appraisals Workshop aims at all levels of management, including team leaders responsible for conducting Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to conduct an effective Employee Performance Appraisal/Review, covering:

  • Planning and preparing for the Performance Appraisal/Review
  • Conducting the Appraisal Interview in a constructive way
  • Use interpersonal skills such as Effective Listening, Reading and Projecting Body Language, Tone of Voice, Giving Praise and Constructive Criticism
  • Facilitating agreement on actual performance (and ratings where applicable)
  • Identifying environmental barriers impacting on performance
  • Identifying jobholder training and development needs, and completing a Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Following up

Workshop supplemented by a powerful video model, illustrating how an effective Performance Review needs to be done



A.  Benefits to the Organisation
  • Facilitates the achievement of organisational goals and strategies
  • Contributes to improved staff morale
  • Facilitates continuous performance improvement, organisation development and culture change
  • Assists in establishing a performance culture - of quality, efficiency and achievement
  • Provides a formal means of discussing competency gaps and how to address these - leading to a more competent work force
  • Helps build a climate of openness and trust
  • Adds to a participative work culture
  • Forms part of the legal process in addressing persistent poor performance
  • Provides the basis for fair remuneration based on actual performance, so employees can see and experience a clear link between their performance and the rewards they receive
B.  Benefits to Employees
  • An opportunity to get formal feedback from line managers on how their performance is viewed - so that they can learn what they do well and what needs to improve
  • Ensures clarity regarding work expectations and standards, reducing anxiety/stress and conflict with line managers
  • An opportunity to discuss their job competencies (or lack thereof) - leading to targeted training and development - helping them to realise their full potential
  • Provides a forum to share new ideas and to air views

Training in the effective conducting of Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews will reduce Line Manager reluctance and fear to do these with their staff. If done well, stress and conflict during the Performance Review are drastically reduced.


The best way for line managers to learn how to conduct Performance Appraisals is to use (in the training workshop) EXACTLY THE SAME Performance Appraisal documentation used in their organisation. This way the training becomes fully realistic and easily transferable to the work situation.

In order to achieve this ideal, we believe in customising the Constructive Performance Appraisals Workshop to align with the existing Performance Management System and documentation of client organisations. Where such existing systems in organisations fall short in respect of structure and contents (to best achieve organisational goals) we recommend that this be addressed first - before managers are trained in conducting Performance Appraisals.

Please refer to our consultation service on Performance Management / Appraisal System Design where this may be the case.


Not available as a public workshop


Participant Fee: $285-00 + GST (minimum 6 delegates per workshop)

l 5 Delegates $310-00 + GST pp
l 4 Delegates $350-00 + GST pp
l 3 Delegates $395-00 + GST pp
l 2 Delegates $445-00 + GST pp

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Extracted from "Futures left to Fate"
(New Zealand Herald: 13.12.2004)

Almost half of New Zealand's managers say they have a job but not a career, and almost a third of them have not had a performance review in the past year.

Results from a survey of 1800 managers show New Zealand organisations need to be much smarter about how they attract and keep talented staff, says recruitment company TMP/Hudson Global Resources.

Its twice-yearly Hudson Report shows that while organisations may be competent in assessing and managing employees' technical expertise, many fall short in tending to "softer skills".

"Effective communication and the ability to influence underpin performance management, coaching, career discussions and assist in dealing with difficult interpersonal situations," the report says.

"No matter how effective we are technically, if we cannot work through and with people to achieve outcomes and if we are not easy to interact with, we ... lose our currency and value."

A shortfall in communication skills may also contribute to another survey finding - that almost 30 per cent of managers have not had a performance review in the past year.

Managers working in the South Island, or in the advertising/marketing/media industry are least likely to have had a performance review, while those in the financial services/insurance and government sectors are most likely to have had a performance review.

The result is most pronounced in smaller organisations.

"There is a clear warning sign for SMEs [small businesses] across New Zealand," says the report. "Clarity about performance and feedback has a significant impact on productivity and effectiveness. Ignored, it will not look after itself.

"Hudson's experience suggests that top talent who are not involved in formal performance reviews are more likely to become demotivated in their roles and are much more likely to investigate alternative career options."

This is reinforced by the opinions of those managers who have participated in a performance review in the past year - more than two-thirds of them feel it improved their performance.

"Over 40 per cent of the managers surveyed outlined that the performance review had the combined effect of improving their performance, clarifying their role and reducing stress," the report says.

"Over time, the lack of communication and alignment that can be achieved through performance reviews will block an organisation from reaching its potential and, in the worst-case scenario, present significant risks to smaller enterprises."

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