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IVA: Values and Desires
Psychometric Testing with a Difference
by Gavin Ritz

Psychometric Testing/Profiling/Tests

The IVA Profiler identifies personal "growth factors". Personal "growth factors" tell us what type of jobs we are attracted to, what type of products we like, and even what goals we should focus on.

Growth factors are the keys to economic growth in our society (both in an individual and collective sense). What we enjoy, feel satisfied with, like to do and what motivates us, are all linked to growth factors. For example, the growth factors that motivate those to drive a BMW are prestige and harmony. The old BMW slogan was "Pure driving pleasure".
Another example is "100% Pure New Zealand". New Zealand has harmony, pureness and beauty to offer travellers.

The IVA profile has 7 Streams of Growth Factors. These can be combined in many different ways, creating many subcultures, market segments, and values.

The IVA profile has been used in many contexts, finding the appropriate customers, finding the appropriate people, segmenting the appropriate markets.

This profiler is unique as there are no right or wrong answers - just what's appropriate for you.

More than 2000 New Zealanders have done the IVA profile in the last 5 years. It can be one of those "aha" experiences too. A number of highly successful organisations are presently using the IVA to find people just right for them.

One successful applicant says that she has suddenly got incredible freedom and empowerment by just understanding her "growth factors".

Another says, "Wow, now I know why I do certain things."

The IVA can be used in:

  • Career Transition
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Personal development and goal setting
  • Company values and culture assessment
  • Mission statement and values generation
  • Marketing assessment of market values and marketing research (need benefit matching and branding)
  • Intellectual capital assessment

"Our studio not only found your visit exciting but also interesting and enlightening. We enjoyed how positively you gave all of the results of the profiles as well as the little "lesson" that went with it. After you left we grouped together and although all were hesitant to share information before, your use of my profile was a brilliant way of assuring the team that it was okay to share this sort of information. As a team we not only got to know about each other but also slowly started to understand each other. I feel that the profiles would go a far way in enabling our studio to work better together as a team."
Nisha Page HR Manager GSBI

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