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Our Mission
Our Values
Customised In-House Workshops
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Our Mission

We develop, source and apply human and technological performance solutions that enable our clients to optimise their human capital potential and organisational goals.

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Our Values

Our Core Values (listed below) are built on our constant adherence to the most stringent measures of ethical and professional practice. Our aim is to add value and to build relationships with clients into strategic partnerships.

Superior Standards
Rigour and excellence in our delivery/consultation

Delivering on promises and agreements

Adding measurable value to our client organisations

Fairness, honesty, trust and frankness in our business dealings

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Customised In-House Training Workshops

It makes sense to have entire target groups within organisations trained in specific skills and processes. This is generally the only way to change the competence base and performance culture within an organisation, and to make sure that critical mass is achieved and that everybody "speaks" the same language.

Individuals returning from training courses frequently revert back to their old ways of doing things as they get "smothered" by the poor work practices and habits of colleagues and line managers.

Further advantages of in-house workshops:
l You get a 30% discount off our standard public workshop fees.
l We will - at no extra cost - customise workshops to conform to your specific internal policies and operational practices, and tailor it to include/emphasize areas of key interest to you.

Clients would be responsible for the cost of conference rooms and refreshments. Use your own in-house venues where possible. Alternatively, use external conference venues (which we are willing to arrange on you behalf to save you the trouble).

If the training is needed outside greater Auckland, clients would also be required to pay for the consultant's accommodation and travelling expenses.

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Small-Group Training & Coaching

Not enough people in your organisation to be able to arrange an in-house workshop with minimum six delegates? Then consider our unique small-group training and coaching option where we will train and coach as few as one to five of your staff members in any of the workshops we have on offer.

Remember: The fewer the number of delegates, the more individual attention each person gets; justifying the additional per person cost.

Please Contact Us to find out more.

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Situation / Needs Analysis

Sometimes organisations, or departments within organisations, are experiencing performance or motivational problems, without knowing what exactly are causing it.

Through our many years' experience in the field of training and organisation development, we are well equipped to do a situation/needs analysis in those targeted areas, to identify the training or operational root causes of problems.

This is done by means of customised questionnaires, one-to-one interviews, and focus groups within your organisation, followed by a detailed report and presentation.

Please Contact Us to find out more.

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Competency-Based Training
Maximum 12 Delegates

All our workshops are competency-based. "Lecturing" is kept to a minimum, while case studies, group discussions/exercises, and especially role-plays and skills practices get prime preference.

That is why we limit the number of delegates attending our workshops to 12 maximum, to make sure every person gets sufficient personal attention.

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Training in Australia & South Pacific Countries

We are available to travel to Australia and South Pacific Countries/Islands to conduct our workshops and consult on all topics found on this website.

Please talk to us about our "shared costs" policy, covering how we share the cost of our consultant's travelling and accommodation expenses to visit you for training or consultation.

Please Contact Us for full details and quotations.

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Our Guarantee For Your Peace Of Mind

If you're not happy, we're not happy.

Our work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction against the agreed training/project objectives and/or acceptance criteria. If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will either rectify the issues or waive our professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects your level of satisfaction.

If our products (e.g. software) do not deliver the business impact expected, we will issue a refund of your software investment as stipulated in the applicable project agreement.

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Our Privacy Pledge

We obtain organisational and individual data for the sole purpose of responding to an enquiry and for operational communication thereafter. We respect your privacy and will never share your details with any third party.

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