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Retail Selling Skills
Presented by William Gresse

A highly intensive one-day retail sales training workshop that will equip sales staff and supervisors with the necessary competence and attitude to maximise sales and create long-term customer loyalty.

Client Comments:

"Hugely inspirational retail sales training course. Allowed me to explore sales and service options I had not thought of for my staff ."
Ann Cooper - Retail Location Supervisor: Regency Duty Free Stores Ltd

"A thoroughly enjoyable, informative and insightful sales training course."
Katrina Thomas - Retail Manager: Happy Valley Honey


This competency-based retail selling skills training workshop is highly practical and interactive in nature, with lots of role-playing to practise the skills learnt
Supplemented by THREE powerful videos, illustrating each step of the sales process and crucial customer service principles


All retail sales staff, plus team leaders and supervisors accountable for sales


Step 1: The Approach and Greeting
  • First impressions and personal appearance

  • Having a friendly and cheerful disposition

  • Acknowledging customers you cannot assist immediately

  • Approaching Customers:
    - The Decided Customer
    - The Undecided Customer
    - The Browsing Customer

  • Using THREE types of Greetings

Step 2: The Qualification
  • Questioning/Probing to discover the customer's real needs and wants

Step 3: The Demonstration
  • Establishing Trust

  • Establishing Value

  • Creating Excitement and Desire

  • Demonstrating merchandise FEATURES and BENEFITS

  • Involving the customer

  • Offering alternatives

  • The use of technical terms

Step 4: Handling Objections
  • Handling THREE types of objections

  • Identifying the customer's true objection

  • Anticipating objections

 Step 5: Closing the Sale
  • Recognising buying signals

  • Using FIVE closing techniques

  • Generating additional sales:
    - Add-on selling
    - Up-selling
    - Cross-selling

  • Reassuring and farewelling the customer


Not available as a public workshop


Participant Fee: $225-00 + GST (minimum 6 delegates per workshop)

l 5 Delegates: $255-00 + GST pp
l 4 Delegates: $335-00 + GST pp
l 3 Delegates: $395-00+ GST pp
l 2 Delegates: $495-00 + GST pp

Want to Purchase Workshop Materials?
This Workshop is available for international purchase at a fraction of the cost to research and develop your own. The following Course Materials are included:

  • Participant Workbook: 34 pages packed with quality content (MS Word)
  • Slide Show: 35 slides (PowerPoint)
  • Prompt Sheets (Key Points): 2 (MS Word)
  • Posters: 1 (A4 format to be enlarged) (MS Word)

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