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Dynamic Customer Service

An action-packed one-day customer service training workshop to equip participants with the necessary competence and "mindset" to consistently meet and, at every possible opportunity, exceed their customers' expectations.


All Retail and Service Industry staff and supervisors/managers.


Module 1: Service Excellence
  • Service Excellence Defined
  • Customer Expectations
  • The Customer's Perception is Reality
  • How to Impress and even Amaze Customers
  • The Ten Customer Truths
  • Customer Satisfaction Statistics
  • The Dollar Value of Customers
Module 2: The Cycle of Service (plus Video)
  • Quality of Service
  • Moments of Truth
  • The Cycle of Service
Module 3: The Customer Driven Person (plus Video)
  • Qualities of a Customer Service Professional
  • Importance of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
  • Self-test
Module 4: Service Communication


  • Acknowledging and Greeting the Customer
  • Making the Customer feel Important
  • Responding with Empathy
  • Listening Actively
  • Using Positive Body Language
  • Clarifying the Customer's Needs
  • Communicating Positively
  • Serving and Problem-Solving
  • Telephone Communication Pitfalls
  • Handling Incoming Calls
  • Handling Incoming Calls when busy serving Customers
  • The Five Elements of a Great Telephone Voice
Module 5: Handling Customer Complaints (plus Video)
  • Customer Behaviour Classified: Praisers, Patrons, Talkers, Walkers
  • Common Customer Complaints
  • How customer complaints can be used as opportunities to show off your extraordinary customer service to impress them and so gain or retain their loyalty
  • How to win over irate customers and turn them into satisfied buyers
  • Handling Customer Complaints - 5 Critical Steps
Appendices: Consumer Legislation
  • The Consumer Guarantees Act (1994)
  • The Fair Trading Act (1986)
  • Sale Of Liquor Amendment Act (1999)
On-the-Job Implementation and Follow-up Activities


Not available as a public workshop


Participant Fee: $225-00 + GST (minimum 6 delegates per workshop)

l 5 Delegates: $255-00 + GST pp
l 4 Delegates: $335-00 + GST pp
l 3 Delegates: $395-00+ GST pp
l 2 Delegates: $495-00 + GST pp

Want to Purchase Workshop Materials?
This Workshop is available for international purchase at a fraction of the cost to research and develop your own. The following Course Materials are included:

  • Participant Workbook: 33 pages packed with quality content (MS Word)
  • Presenter's Guide (MS Word)
  • Slides: 12 (PowerPoint)
  • Posters: 3 (A4 format to be enlarged) (MS Word)

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