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Sales and Service Coaching
Presented by William Gresse

An intensive half-day (4 hours) workshop that will equip retail line managers and team leaders with the necessary competence to effectively coach sales staff in sales and service skills and principles.

DelegatesDelegates' prior attendance of the Retail Selling Skills and Dynamic Customer Service Workshops (or similar company in-house workshops) is a prerequisite so they can have the necessary "content" knowledge and skills to be able to do this effectively.


This competency-based workshop uses interactive and participative learning methods, including individual and group discussions and exercises, as well as role-plays to practise the skills learnt.

An excellent video is also shown; demonstrating how sales and service coaching is done.


Retail line managers at all levels, including team leaders


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of their role as sales and service coaches
  • Maximise the implementation of the Retail Selling Skills and Dynamic Customer Service Workshops (or in-house equivalents) by sales staff
  • Apply important coaching principles
  • Use THREE different approaches to coaching as dictated by the situation and a salesperson's experience level
  • Involve their sales teams in continually revising and reinforcing sales and service skills


  • Sales supervisors/managers/team leaders who are much more vigilant in observing the sales and service performance of their staff on the sales floor, and to provide the necessary feedback and coaching
  • Sales supervisors/managers/team leaders who have a heightened sense of their role as staff competency coaches
  • Most importantly: Continuous sales and service improvements by sales staff, leading to increased sales turnover, customer satisfaction/loyalty, and thus "bottom line" results


Not available as a public workshop


Standard Fee: $170-00 + GST
In-House Workshops (less 30%):
$119-00 + GST (minimum 6 delegates per workshop)

l 5 Delegates: $129-00 + GST pp
l 4 Delegates: $144-00 + GST pp
l 3 Delegates: $159-00 + GST pp
l 2 Delegates: $175-00 + GST pp
l 1 Delegate:  $239-00 + GST pp

All in-house workshops are tailored to suit client specific needs and merchandise - free of charge.

Remember: The fewer the number of delegates, the more individual attention each person gets -- justifying the additional per person cost.

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