Stakeholder Performance Appraisal, Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Performance Appraisal, Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Performance Appraisal (SPA)

The Stakeholder Performance Appraisal brings together the perceptions of a business's stakeholders, in order to enhance their engagement in the efficient operation of the business.

Who are your stakeholders?

Your stakeholders can be any combination of the following: Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Community, Shareholders.

The SPA is recognized by the prestigious European Journal of Marketing as probably the best stakeholder feedback tool seen internationally to date.

What does the Stakeholder Performance Appraisal do?

  • The Stakeholder Performance Appraisal identifies the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of a business through the eyes of its stakeholders.
  • Shows perceived social, environmental and economic performance, and highlights areas that are performing to expectation or are under-performing.
  • The Stakeholder Performance Appraisal is used to predict future ROI.
  • Is currently being used to monitor/track businesses' triple bottom line performance.
  • Provides a macro "snapshot" of a business.
  • Assists with industry benchmarking of a business.
  • Provides a breakdown of how each group of stakeholders perceives a business's performance.
  • Uses specific indicators to map where a business needs further research or improvement.
  • Tracks a business's performance over time - growing in knowledge with every report produced.

How does it Work?

  • An online survey is custom-designed for the business.
  • An email containing the hyperlinked online survey is sent to all stakeholders (anonymity is guaranteed).
  • The business's stakeholders complete the online questionnaire. They rate the business on a range of 12 indicators, and get the opportunity to provide verbatim comments through the online SWOT analysis.
  • All data is collected, analyzed, interpreted, and collated into a hard copy report and a digital multimedia presentation for the business.


  • As the attitudes of stakeholders directly affect their behavior, this information is vital in developing the economic, environmental and social initiatives within a business.
  • The results from this research will enable the business to have a full understanding of how they are perceived to be performing by their stakeholders. The holistic nature of the SPA provides a full perceptual insight into current stakeholder thinking, thus providing a business with a solid statistical backbone from which to plan future stakeholder engagement actions.

The Stakeholder Performance Appraisal is the most holistic measure of perceived business performance available internationally, and will provide the business with a crucial starting point to enhance business performance.

No Business Strategic Planning should take place with an SPA being conducted first.

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Stakeholder Performance Appraisal, Stakeholder Feedback

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